Heat and flame protective wear for railway workers

Track welder in protective trousers enforced with Kevlar.Track welder in protective trousers enforced with Kevlar.Track welders are a very special professional category with a unique need for protective wear. They weld rail track joins and lots of work trousers used to get ruined by the sparks when the joins were grinded.

In the worst cases, a pair of trousers a day would get ruined. The average life span was a week. In cooperation with the customer we solved the problem by reinforcing the front of the trousers using Kevlar, the world’s strongest fabric. The same material is used in bullet proof vests.

Suddenly, the flame protective work trousers last six months. They cost a bit more to buy, but the total cost is significantly lower. You get what you pay for, as they say.

Our range includes all types of heat and flame protective wear that meet the demands of the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). Their regulations include the demands in place for working on the tracks. Earlier, orange was the only colour allowed, but now yellow is also an option. The demands are that the garments have to be tested for protection against the thermal hazards of an electric arc and meet the current standards for heat and flame protection. Our extensive range includes all types of garments for various work situation and weather conditions.
It’s not surprising that we sometimes say that our customers are our best salesmen. Customers often call to ask if they can also buy trousers for track welders that they have seen others wear. The wishes vary according to the user, and there are few limitations to what we can do. Some want only reinforced knees, others all the way up to the middle of the thigh. We also make garments for blacksmiths who have had problems with metal sparks even on the sleeves of their jackets. It’s a great challenge to help the individual get what they need!