GORE-TEX® Collection

Gore-tex arbetskläderIn our GORE-TEX® collection, Puvab has developed ultimate protective wear for demanding conditions. The garments are certified for high visibility and protection against flame and heat, thermal hazards of an electric arc, electrostatic properties and rain – all combined with the properties of GORE-TEX® for comfort, ventilation and waterproofing.

At Puvab, we have chosen to laminate the outer fabric with a GORE-TEX® membrane. This gives the best properties when it comes to water resistance, ventilation and function. All seams are taped to prevent any moisture getting into the garment. Many GORE-TEX® garments have the membrane in the inside lining, which means that the moisture ends up between the outer layer and the lining. This is a simpler and cheaper solution, but the result does not provide the same durability, functionality or quality as in Puvab’s products.