Arbetskläder som håller länge är bra för miljönWe strive to take the environment into account in everything we do to ensure the lowest impact possible on the environment.

As part of our ISO work we have set tough goals and continuously measure our improvements. One of the most efficient ways is to always deliver products with a long life span. A product with a life span of 1 year repeats its environmental impact in all instances during a 3-year period, while the environmental impact only happens once if the products lasts for 3 years.

This makes it not only cheaper for you as a customer, but the total cost for the environment is also much less. This is why we have chosen to work only with the highest quality and most sustainable suppliers of fabrics and accessories.

Puvab is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ISO 9001 certifiedISO 14001